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Priddis Paws - Agility and Dog Training


“Sarah has been a student of Hyper Hounds for several years with her dogs Aiden, Shania and Yoki. She has taken obedience and rally obedience classes with us, but her passion has always been the agility classes which she has attended faithfully every week since 2010.

With close to four years of instructing Sarah, I have really gotten to know her as a dog trainer, agility handler and friend. One of the qualities that I really admire in Sarah is her ability to attend each and every class with a positive attitude. Sarah is always happy and proud of her dog’s abilities. If a training challenge comes up during class, Sarah doesn’t get discouraged or frustrated with her dog. She stays positive and adjusts her handling to help her dog be successful.

Sarah also applies this positive attitude to her classmates. During every class, she can be found cheering on her fellow students, congratulating successful runs, or providing encouragement and moral support when a run doesn’t go as planned. Sarah is always willing to try new handling techniques and push her handling abilities to the max on course. This has allowed her to become very versatile in her handling, and able to successfully complete even the toughest agility courses. With extensive skills as a positive dog trainer, Sarah will no doubt continue to provide encouraging, helpful and fun agility classes to all her future students!”

Kim, dog trainer and owner of Hyper Hounds

“I would love to thank Sarah for allowing me to fall in love with agility. Sarah was my first agility teacher and an amazing one at that. I have an australian kelpie who is high energy and I needed an outlet for her! Sarah welcomes you and makes you feel like anything is possible. I was worried that Charlie would not do well in a group setting, so I took private lessons and loved it. If you’re looking for a wonderful atmosphere and a caring instructor please go see Sarah“

Denise, client

“We have two very different dogs, one who is nervous and sensitive (Sterling) and one who can’t control his excitement and enthusiasm (Chewie). Both of them have struggled in traditional agility classes, for different reasons. Priddis Paws agility has proved to be the perfect solution! Sarah has a wide range of skills to help dogs learn and stay engaged, for a whole hour. Chewie has learned how to wait patiently for his turn on the equipment (rather than barking the entire class) and Sterling has built up his confidence on the equipment. For our dogs, agility lessons are about so much more than just agility! Sarah's background in behaviour management has helped them both to improve their focus while training and I have learned some strategies to carry over into regular life. I would recommend Priddis Paws to anyone who wants a fun, personalized training session, and especially for anyone whose dog struggles in a regular agility class environment.”

Kat, client

“Living in Bragg Creek, it was really exciting for me to find an agility place closer than Calgary. I could not have found a better instructor for me and my five year old terrier mix, Lulu. Sarah taught with the perfect mix of patience and perseverance to bring Lulu into her element. I especially appreciate how Sarah worked with me on improving my body language to better communicate with Lulu, which deepened our bond as a team. Priddis Paws has two large enclosed outdoor areas for agility which helped my pup to relax and enjoy herself, instead of being in a strange new building. I recommend Priddis Paws to anyone I meet that has a dog!”

Eilidh, client

“I started taking my dogs out to Priddis Paws in the summer of 2014. Sarah has a beautiful place, it’s like a mini vacation from the city! She has two courses - one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. Sarah is wonderful with the dogs, she genuinely loves them, and she really understands them. Taao was very nervous of the A-Frame, and within one visit, Sarah had her loving it! Now every time she sees an A-Frame, she wants to do it! I love learning from Sarah, she has a lot of experience doing competitive dog sports, but she is great at adapting her knowledge to people who just want to do it for fun too! We love going to Priddis Paws, my only complaint is that I don't go out there more often!”

Tamara, client

“I have been bringing my two Great Danes to Priddis Paws for about a year now. In that time, I have seen them grow in confidence and focus like no other activity has allowed them to. Every week is a new adventure and Sarah is always professional, positive and ensures we have fun. The dogs are always set up for success. Sarah is able to work with both my Danes in the same session, making it much easier for me. Sarah is a well rounded trainer, participating in many different sports with her own dogs, and this variety transfers over to agility and makes it that much more interesting for me and the dogs.”

Carol, client

“I took my young lab Bubba for training with Sarah Walters. We had so much fun learning about positive training techniques. Sarah taught in a way that was easy for me to understand and helped me fine tune my cues to Bubba so that he could learn more effectively. Often when I was asking Bubba to do something, it was my body language or my inconsistency in my cue words that created confusion for him. Sarah helped us communicate better and Bubba and I have become an amazing team! I am so excited about Priddis Paws and am so looking forward to taking my new pup Remi to train with Sarah!”

Kathy, client and small animal veterinarian

“Sarah loves animals & has a natural ability to train dogs. With Sarah’s patience, skills & expertise; I was able to turn a reactive dog into a very happy & well trained dog. Jasper has come such a long ways and has been a PALS dog for the last year & visits several residents in an extended care centre. Sarah is a wonderful teacher who is very thorough & makes dog training fun & rewarding.”

Belinda, client

“Sarah has been helping me with the health and training of my dogs since 2007. My canine family consists of a 6 year old pug - Conroy; and 5 year old lab/rotti/shepard X brothers - Shaker & Beaux. In 2011 I took in a 10 year old black lab - Haley - that had lived her life in the city. Circumstances led to her needing a new home and I felt she could benefit from having some more room. Our farm seemed like the perfect place. The only problem was Beaux is an aggressive and territorial dog. I was ready to give up after a few days of breaking up dog fights but Sarah encouraged me to hold on a couple of weeks and assured me things would work out. So we started daily diligent training under Sarah’s guidance and sure enough about 2 weeks in Beaux went from giving Haley the death stare to bowing into play pose and accepting her as a member of the family. I was so grateful for Sarah’s encouragement and advice. I was able to let Haley live out the rest of her days roaming our 13 acre yard as a farm dog. I highly recommend Sarah for any training needs!”

Nicole, client

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Sarah Walters, APDT